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green sea turtle tracking

Mar 30

Tracking Kristy – A Juvenile Green Sea Turtle

We love tracking our Sea Turtle friends.  Kirsty is a juvenile green sea turtle caught for the first time in Somerset Long Bay, Bermuda. She measured 66.8 cm straight carapace (shell) length and was released with a satellite transmitter on August 8, 2014.  You can her latest tracking statistics here.

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Sea Turtle Range

Feb 12

Want more info on the Honu?

Here are some of our favorite website for information on the honu and other sea turtles:

Sea Turtle Conservancy – Saving Sea Turtles since 1959 – Supporting research and conservation efforts in the sea turtle community since 1996 – Protecting sea turtles through ecotourism since 2008

World Wildlife Fund – Protecting Nature since 1961

National Geographic Green Sea Turtle Information – Natgeo information page on the Green Sea Turtle

Defenders of Wildlife Sea Turtle Information – Protecting or Nations Wildlife since 1947